Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cress Farm

In October 2015 we became the stewards of a large part of this century old farm in bustling Salt Lake County.

Plowing the field for the first time.

We were lucky to be chosen for a new program called Farmlink. The Salt Lake County Urban Farming division connected us to a landowner who wanted to keep their farm in the family. It is getting harder for them these days because of rising property taxes and the increasing pressure from real estate development.

A beautiful piece of land in the middle of a busy city.

The property is beautiful and it is my honor to be able to help protect it. Once a place like this is developed into housing or roads or apartments, it never goes back to a farm. There is so much history here, you can feel it. I'm grateful to learn it's story.

This is the very beginning. A 1947 John Deere with a friend from the Salt Lake County Farm Bureau at the wheel.